Chicago | Parq Fulton (1400 W Randolph Street) | 274 FT | 26 FLOORS

Renderings by Brininstool + Lynch

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Who can explain to me the attraction to the West Side? Is it because the land is cheaper? I prefer the lake area. :sailboat:

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The attraction is Fulton-Market is Chicago’s premiere mixed-use neighborhood and it’s not even close. It is transforming into the highest quality ‘urban’ setting in the core. It provides high-density human-scaled buildings that usually interact well with the street and they create an intimacy you don’t get in most areas. It’s entirely walkable, vibrant, provides historic architecture and there’s the former industrial landscape aesthetic.

I’ve seen it regarded as a mini version of various NY neighborhoods which is almost always a good thing. Its character and charm is something you don’t get in Streeterville, South Loop or Lakeshore East which are largely soulless. The best part is that it is in a perpetual state of expansion and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


It’s a new place for real estate investors to create profitable real estate projects. I prefer Don Perignon. Boxed wine is cheaper. How is that hard to understand?

I get the development part. I don’t really understand how you convince people to live there. Are the rents cheaper than closer to the lake?

Yes, much. Are you trying to make a point or be funny?

Thanks for explaining it. Try not to get upset.

I’m sorry, I thought you were sincere.