BOSTON | Drydock Ave| 163 FT | 13 FLOORS | 298,700 SF

The hotel on Summer Street won’t be alone if developers Mark McGowan and Chris Wholey get their way. Their company, SCD Drydock Q1, filed plans yesterday with the Boston Redevelopment Authority to build a 13 story commercial building on Drydock Avenue in the Ramond Flynn Marine Park. They want to build on parcel Q1, whioch is 0.85 acres.

In addition to ground floor retail, the developers proposed building an urban plaza and making streetscape improvements for pedestrians and cyclists, which will consist of new street trees and paving. The parcel is located on bus routes Four and Seven and is within walking distance to the Design Center stops for the Silver Line.

The building will be 163 feet tall and have a total of 298,700 square feet, 8,400 square feet of wehich will be for the retail. In addiotion, three levels of above grade parking will be built, storing 150 cars. A third of the site, 12,900 square feet, will be taken up by the plaza.