ALEXANDRIA | New Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards Arena

„ The Post notes that the plans would require approval from the full General Assembly and local officials. The arena would form part of a wider mixed-use development in the Potomac Yard area of Alexandria.

Monumental would reportedly lease the complex from a new stadium authority that would be set up if the plans come to fruition.

As well as the new NBA and NHL arena, the proposed Virginia complex would feature a smaller concert venue. Monumental would reportedly have a 30-year lease for its teams to play at the arena.“

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Where will the Georgetown Hoyas basketball team play? Surely not in Virginia!

You never know! They did play in Maryland for many years.

As an alum, I’d love to see them play on campus in McDonough. Will never happen though–unless they find a way to hang some extra seats from the rafters! :laughing:

Lived in DC for thirty five years before moving to NYC. Moving the teams out of downtown DC is a disaster for the city. The teams should stay put. They give a vibrancy to the area that will be sorely missed.

Despite my flip comment above, I agree @chused.