12-15 Broadway LIC/Astoria development

This is an older project that was completed a few years back. But, I noticed that there wasn’t any topic for the developments that are going on between Vernon Boulevard and 21 street in the LIC/Astoria section of Queens.
12-15 Broadway is just one completed site but there are many currently in the works. I though it would be a nice place to post them all here.

Anyways here’s some info on 12-15.

1401 Broadway is currently in the works just one block down. Foundation work is complete.

It used to be an auto repair shop. Shocker :open_mouth: haha

What’s set to rise

I’ll try to get more updates on other projects and photos as well. :grin: Cheers Lads


From yesterday, the project topped out a while ago.

Some info on the the project and on another one near by. Ill try to get get photos of the other project.


Another project, 29-02 Broadway, just a few blocks down Broadway. Looks to be 5 stories tall.

Some crane action today!


Update for 1401 Broadway. It looks like it’s 3 stories above ground.

Update for 2902 Broadway. It looks like it’s 3 stories above ground.