SEATTLE | New Airport


  • Seattle is searching for a second airport to act as a reliever for SEA-TAC International.
  • It has already been a longwinded process and looks set to continue to 2023.
  • Many considerations will be made, and they will include political and environmental ones.
  • Six airports are in the running for expansion; five of them are general aviation facilities.
  • At this stage at least one of them, Everett Paine Field, stands out due to existing infrastructure, commercial air services and other factors.

A shortlist of two sites is expected to be formulated by Sep-2022, with an official recommendation to be submitted to the Washington State Legislature by Feb-2023.“

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Expanding Paine Field would be a good solution given there are already commercial operations there and an airport terminal and provisions for jet airliners. An expansion of the terminal and operations there would help alleviate congestion at Sea-Tac while still remaining close enough to Seattle to not inconvenience passengers.