SAN FRANCISCO | 500 Folsom St | 440 FT | 43 FLOORS

Transbay Redevelopment Project Block 9

Over 10 years ago SOM, working with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, developed a master plan for the area now known as Transbay and Rincon Hill. The design of Block 9 is consistent with this vision, strengthening Folsom Steet as the new main commercial and public thoroughfare.

SOM is leading this effort, collaborating with Fougeron Architecture, to create an authentic neighborhood form. The project is comprised of a tower flanked by two lower volumes. It will house 456 market rate units, 114 affordable units, shared open spaces and amenities, and retail along Folsom street. Although it will be constructed as one building, Block 9 will have the appearance of two low-rise buildings bracketing a high-rise tower. The design reinforces the public realm in its architectural expression, with open balconies and a sense of porosity that is integrated into the ground level and above grade into the podium and tower.

Project Facts

Location: San Francisco, California
Anticipated Completion: 2015
Site Area: 31,560 ft2
Project Area: 524,000 ft2
Number of Stories: 43
Building Height: 440 ft
Market: Commercial + Office, Residential
Service: Architecture, Structural + Civil Engineering, Tall Buildings

This will turn out nice!

Updated renderings here:

And this is now under construction.


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