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NJPAC Envisions Major Six-Acre Development in Downtown Newark

The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) has announced plans to extend Mulberry Street north to Rector Street and have this new block become the focus of a 6.1-acre development initiative. [/B]A new page on NJPAC’s website, “What’s Next for Newark?,” features a rendering of this proposal from Manhattan-based rePLACE Urban Studio and mentions that if the project comes to fruition, it would be “an open, welcoming ‘public realm’ where the arts and artists can come outside and reach people on the street.”

Currently, the site of a parking lot, the Mulberry Street extension would be lined with two five-story or six-story mixed-use buildings that would include apartments atop restaurants and “cultural assets.” Meanwhile, according to NJPAC, a high-rise development with apartments and retail space is in the works closer to Center Street while 24 townhouses are envisioned as well.


Then, in May, Newark’s Chief Development Officer, Carmelo Garcia, said that NJPAC was “working on a master plan and we’re excited to see what that’s going to unveil.” The President and CEO of the Newark Alliance, Aisha Glover, also told Jersey Digs at the time that NJPAC released a Request for Proposals (RFP) in order to find a developer for the six-acre property.

The visioning for that site is pretty amazing and it will really help extend Mulberry Commons and activate a lot of the underdeveloped space and parking lots on that end,” said Glover, who confirmed that a residential component was in the works. When asked about the RFP over the summer, a spokesperson for NJPAC said that “it’s still early in the process.”

The new page on NJPAC’s website does not include a timeline for the latest proposed projects, nor is there any mention of how the proposed apartments would be priced. It does state, however, that this is “an ambitious plan, but the Newark real estate market has incredible momentum right now.”


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Officials Reveal Next Phase Of The New Jersey Performing Arts Center Waterfront Masterplan

Newark city officials have revealed plans for the next phase of redevelopment that will surround the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and aim to transform the city’s entire downtown area. The initiative is formally known as the New Jersey Performing Arts Center Waterfront Masterplan and calls for the creation of a mixed-use urban center and rejuvenation of the blighted Passaic Riverfront.

As reported by Jersey Digs, the next phase will focus on the redevelopment of 6.1 acres surrounding the performing arts center into a vibrant mixed-use corridor. This includes an extension of Mulberry Street across what is now a parking lot, through to Rector Street.

Two low-rise apartment buildings will bookend one side of the corridor along Mulberry Street. At the Center Street boundary, plans include the construction of a high-rise apartment building facing the Passaic River. Each of the residential buildings would support retail, dining, and entertainment components on its ground level.

A second entertainment property, currently in pre-development stages, could take shape north of the existing Performing Arts Center. Additional retail, residential, and entertainment components will flank a new public esplanade along the Passaic River. This will be the first time in Newark’s modern history that the public will have open access to the riverfront.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and James Stewart Polshek & Partners worked in collaboration to design and finalize the original Waterfront Masterplan. New renderings for components within the 6.1-acre expansion are credited to rePLACE Urban Studio.

Neither the design team nor associated officials have confirmed a timeline for the project.