NEW YORK | Upper Atlantic Avenue Rezoning

No, this is not Park Avenue! This is Atlantic Avenue. Atlantic Avenue will soon replicate Park Avenue in terms of density along the corridor. Perhaps a greenway will make up the median.

Rezoning profile: This rezoning is part of Adam’s “City of Yes” initiative. Now we’ll have two Park Avenue’s. This rezoning spans from Vanderbilt Avenue near Pacific Park to Nostrand Avenue. Say hello to increased density, Brooklyn. This rezoning should not be confused with the Broadway Junction rezoning or the East New York - Atlantic Avenue rezoning.

Current conditions: Low rise industrial buildings.



Here are a few more proposals:

1289 Atlantic Avenue

1034 and 870 Atlantic Avenue

1045 Atlantic Avenue

Latest article:


It would also be possible to merge these two topics?

That project is a “spot rezoning”, it’s within the rezoning area, but is technically not apart of the rezoning. The Atlantic Avenue rezoning will encompass multiple projects, including these “spot rezonings” that were developed/rezoned before this rezoning comes to fruition. @Mackensen

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Hard to imagine Park Avenue w/o a CubeSmart!


Lol hopefully they tear it down or build on top of it

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Under that ugliness, there is an old warehouse building. Wishful thinking: a future developer will preserve it and re-adapt it…

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Oh man, I always loved this signage - I always meant to photograph it but before I knew it, they changed hands.

Yes! that sign was golden! :grinning:
Thanks to Google maps for the time machine feature

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