NEW YORK | 749-750 5th Avenue, Brooklyn | Green-Wood Cemetery Weir Greenhouse Restoration and Visitors Center

" If you’ve ever visited Green-Wood Cemetery, you’ve probably seen and wondered about the old Weir Greenhouse. The shuttered and dilapidated building sits across the street from Green-Wood’s main entrance at 749-750 5th Avenue, on the corner of 25th Street.

Despite its ramshackle appearance, the Weir Greenhouse is a significant building, the only known Victorian commercial greenhouse still standing in New York City. Landmarked in 1982, it was the first and last stop for many visitors to Green-Wood, Brooklyn’s greatest tourist attraction in the 19th century, and will soon be so again.

Green-Wood bought it and is remaking it into a visitor’s center. (The nonprofit landmark crowed about its purchase on its blog here.) "

13 July 2015 via:

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Landmarks Rejects Plan To Restore Weir Greenhouse As Part Of New Green-Wood Cemetery Visitors Center In Brooklyn

July 15, 2015:

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Bigger footprint for Green-Wood Cemetery visitors’ center
Jan 9, 2017

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Restoration Work Underway On Weir Greenhouse Building At 750 Fifth Avenue, Greenwood Heights
Jan 10, 2015

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Hark! The Weir Greenhouse has a gleaming new dome
May 17, 2017

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I wonder if this is SHoP. Looks typical for their work.


This looks waaay better! I wished they used a copper facade since it would oxidize over time - but the brown terracotta will look great too. Brownstoner included the link to the LPC presentation. Let’s hope it gets approval as is.

The architecture firm is Architectural Research Office

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Agreed. Seems to do a good job of blending with Weir greenhouse while not upstaging it.

…and I really like the terra cotta.

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