NEW YORK | 460 Tenth Avenue | FT | 40 FLOORS

Sherwood is currently in the design phase of a 40-story residential condominium tower in Hudson Yards. We purchased this site in the early 1990s; once complete, the approximately 300,000 square foot address will boast over 200 residential units along with retail space and underground parking.


Don’t expect anything ambitious from Sherwood.

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The design they floated for 360 Tenth when they controlled the site wasn’t bad. Kind of Girasole like.


Wanted something tall and skinny here.

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The SHoP design for 360 Tenth is really nice, IDK if it will ever happen / be released publicly, but it was supertall (I believe about 1,100) and very interesting (albeit boxy overall form, very very nice flair if I recall correctly).


I think that McCort will build something very nice on that site in due time.


Is this a rendering for this site?

Or this,

Where did you find the first one?

The second one is the Kuafu project on 11th.

They also own the Subway Inn site on the UES.

I suspect that Chairman Mao 2.0 has limited their ability to proceed.

The first render was an original proposal for the 360 10th Ave site between the Morgan Facility and 5 Manhattan West across from 10 Hudson Yards, The newer design for that site was much shorter by SHoP, but that site is in a limbo of sorts so it’s uncertain what the design will actually be anymore.

The second is the Kuafu site.

Correct, neither of the renders are options for this site. I don’t believe any renders exist still, only zoning/massing diagrams.