LOS ANGELES | Angels Landing | 852 + 542 FT | 64 + 46 FLOORS

I’ve seen 960 ft and 1000 ft being tossed around as the height of the taller tower. With 88 floors being touted, I would imagine the 1000 ft figure is more likely.

rendering posted on SSC:


That base is quite something.
Are these 2 towers? I see a skybridge! I am confused by the whole architecture of this project, the first render doesn’t do it justice I think

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You can see the two towers clearly in the last render. The second one is much smaller, in front, and to the left.

“…project is imagined with two towers - a 24-story edifice at 4th and Olive Streets and a sleek 88-story structure fronting Hill.”

in business with the city

The larger building, which the Los Angeles Times reports could rise to 1,020 feet in height, would rank among the city’s tallest buildings - surpassing both the Wilshire Grand and the U.S. Bank Tower in terms of roof height.

Construction of the Angels Landing development is expected to occur over approximately 41 months, with completion expected in 2024.


sadly the taller tower took a height chop. But Downtown LA continues to add density.

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