KANSAS CITY | Strata | 290 FT | 25 FLOORS

Finally! Would be first :new: office tower in downtown Kansas City since 1991.

16 floors of office for 250,000 sq ft, seven floors for park, on existing two floor base.

Word that design is still being tweaked – would be ideal to see that parking wrapped with a better use.


I don’t hate it lol

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I really like the tower part.

The three sections (retail, parking, and tower) don’t seem to go together well. It’s very disjointed. I don’t care for that kind of stacked loo in an all-new building.

Jeez, that’s a lot of parking! This is right on the route of the new streetcar line. Have they not heard of TOD in KC?! They really need to get a clue from Minneapolis.

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construction won’t begin until next year