JERSEY CITY | 762 Montgomery | FT | 6 FLOORS

SPU has filed an application with the Jersey City Zoning Board of Adjustment in connection with its plan to construct a six-story student dormitory at 762 Montgomery Street across from the McGinley Square Pub. The university is seeking to build 72 units on the property with a total of 151 beds, according to a legal notice. Four signs are planned for the new building as well.

Building on the right

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This probably doesn’t need its own thread, but I was able to get pictures as the building was demolished and the original facade of the building was exposed before it was torn down. It was a gorgeous art deco design.



I was here a few weeks ago while it was being demo-ed.

If St Peter’s is moving forward with this one, it most likely spells the end of 688 Montgomery, a much larger proposal a few blocks away, at least in its most recent form. I’m sure if the neighborhood continues to grow something will come up there.


Yeah, that’s a good point. I also don’t think the university has the money at the moment to take on a much larger project like 688 Montgomery. They may get a better deal selling the land. The reason I left this thread under proposed is that the demolition was contracted out before the pandemic hit, it doesn’t necessarily mean construction on the dorms. Could be another parking lot for the short term.


They were supposed to be done with 688 Montgomery back in 2016 when I was a sophomore. It was a big draw for me to go to Saint Peter’s. Instead we got stuck living in the dorms that have now been comdemned on Glenwood Avenue. Met a lot of mice and roaches in college


Well, this is well underway - from 2/17/21


Are there any renderings of this floating around?

Here’s one directly from the school


From a few weeks ago