JERSEY CITY | 425 Summit Ave | 305 FT | 26 FLOORS

Proposal to construct a 25-story mixed-use tower on a base structure containing 4,434 square feet of ground floor commercial/retail use, 386 dwelling units, residential amenity space and a parking garage for 51 parking spaces and 200 bicycle spaces.

for the parking lot at the corner of Summit and Sip (the lot on Jones St is no longer part of the application).


Just updated above with a new rendering. Going before the Planning Board soon.


A few other tweaks. 26 stories, 275 feet, no office, over 4,000 sf of retail. The lot does not include that “tail” piece over to Jones Street.


More renderings/details via Jersey Digs. This is apparently a Spitzer Enterprises project


It used to include the tail piece. Thanks for the update. Also the Planning Board application says 25 floors not 26?

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They’re going for 26, and the render shows it.

You’re right that the “tail piece” was once included. I’m told the “tail piece” is destined to be part of a different project that includes the corner lot at Sip/Jones. No further info at this time.


The parking lot is torn up, and there’s an excavator on site. Can’t find a permit application for new construction yet, but there is a permit issued on 9/8/2021 for “INSTALL ONE 800 AMP TEMP SERVICE FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION” … I’d say this one will soon be under construction.

UPDATE: They do have a permit application for new construction, though annoyingly it doesn’t appear on the page for 435 Summit. It’s listed under 425 Summit instead. Hasn’t been issued yet.

“New construction of Footings and Foundation for new mixed use 26 story 386 unit residential building/ UNDERGROUND CONDUITS FOR ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING. Rolled Plans”


Yes, the building name will be under 425 Summit Ave, not 435. Still waiting for the subcode officials to finish their review before they can process the permit. I’d give it until October.

In the meantime, site prep has started and 411 aka 413 Summit should be getting their main building permit in less than a few weeks. So that’s two projects side by side!

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Really appreciate your informative posts!

I’m just really lucky I get to be working on a bunch of projects in Jersey City! :clinking_glasses: So thanks! Watch out for 345 Baldwin and 711 Montgomery next :eyes:

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They’ve both already been issued foundation permits. 345 Baldwin is driving piles, but I was confused about the lack of progress on 711 Montgomery. Glad to hear it isn’t stalled!

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@apophenic Portal just updated - this job is now a go-ahead for footings and foundation :eyes:


updated! thank you!

Taken earlier today.



Jersey Journal pic (columns starting to rise):


first floor going up