DENVER l 1144 Fifteenth | 617 FT | 40 FLOORS

I just found out my company will be moving its headquarters here eventually. Pretty neat.


1144 Fifteenth Sunset by Ryan Dravitz, on Flickr


Photo taken by me last week. Can’t wait til our company moves later this year.


Nice! That will be a great move!

Light Rail Going By by Joseph Cao, on Flickr


This is complete- and came out pretty nice.


It’s all right. We need a supertall!

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I love Denver, but most of its new buildings are lame. This is one of the better ones.

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Yeah this one has some wierd awkward angles to it. I dont love the shape overall but the materials they use look very good.

The other new stuff is lame and overall Denver needs to step it up. The new office building going in on California and 15th will look great I bet.

Hopefully they build a supertall in the near future.

Denver is more populous than Dubai! but I guess Dubai is all about building to dazzle. Denver isn’t.

Once again, I love Denver, but even that new building that’s planned is lame. It’s a fat box.

Was in Denver this week, working out of this building. Beautiful office space!


While I love the city of Denver, the suburbs are lame. They have no trees and are flat and have thousands of cookie cutter houses crammed together on tiny lots. To the surprise of many non-New Yorkers, the burbs in NJ, Westchester, etc. are gorgeous. They have beautiful old trees and hills and great, old architecture.

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Couldn’t agree more. It’s the definition of a “new” city where the suburbs were probably all built at the same time. They didn’t organically grow as individual communities, separate from each other.

Otherwise, it was my first time there and I enjoyed downtown. Wasn’t hard to find good beer :beer: