Chicago | 525 South Wabash Avenue | 256 + 376 FT | 23 + 36 FLOORS

View of 525 S Wabash Avenue. Rendering by BKV Group


According to people that have been receiving Reilly’s newsletters over at SSP this proposal is the 3rd revision after Reilly made them address his concerns.

One proposal called for 3 towers with the tallest being 43 stories.

The second proposal was for two towers 41 & 40 stories.

What we get is 23 and 36 story buildings. This will of course then go before the public over the series of meeting where they will receive their moral victory by knocking a few more stories off so who knows where these wil finally end up at with still so long to go.

I really can’t believe how an alderman can just unilaterally redesign an architects work until it satisfies his personal interests of what he believes would be the best outcome for Chicago. This and other out-dated zoning laws has caused a brain-drain in the architecture industry here. Almost every proposal is shortened and scaled back in units and the designs are uninspring at that. Chicago needs to take a look around the world and see at what level progressive designs are at today then proceed accordingly.

The city that used to break the mold and set the standrads has become the city that “makes little plans”