BOSTON | 151 Liverpool Street | 55 FT | 5 FLOORS

City Point Liverpool, a company developing a property at 151 Liverpool Street in East Boston, filed a notification of project change with the Boston Redevelopment Authority the other day. According to the document, the project will now be a 55-foot high, five story, 36 unit building with underground parking. The developer is also considering making them condos instead of apartments.

In the original proposal, the existing two story indistrial building would have been retained and a three story addition put on top. It would have been slightly taller, at 58 feet, and would have had just 24 rentals.

According to the documents filed with the BRA, the developers changed their plans owing to difficulties with the existing building, writing that “Due to structural, financial and related considerations . . . it is not possible to construct a multi-story addition of suitable dimensions . . .”

Under the previous proposal, the building would have had 20 parking spaces on the ground floor with an extra 15 through stacking. Now it will have 36 in an underground garage – one must wonder at the structural difficiencies that make an underground garage economical. The additional 12 apartments are being added to further offset the cost of construction.