AUSTIN- Capitol View Corridors

For those who may not know, the reason some buildings in Austin are in the shape of a rectangle with one corner cut off is because of the Capitol View Corridors (CVCs). The state capitol building is just north of downtown Austin. It was decreed years ago that certain corridors would have building height limits to ensure that the dome of the capitol could be seen from certain locations around Austin. Here’s an article about it:

As a result, many buildings have bases of a certain height that take up the entire property, but above that they are built only as far as the CVCs allow for that parcel. So Austin is ending up with a few “canyons” where nothing is built above a certain height.


And here’s 6XGuadalupe which is currently under construction. You can from the webcam that it is beginning to take the same shape. The building next to it is at the same angle.


May 31, 2021. You can see two sides of the corridor. On the far side is 6X Guadalupe’s tower portion starting to align with the diagonally placed building to its left. And on the bottom left corner of the photo are two buildings that form a line straight from the camera’s POV to the capitol dome. The camera is on top of another building that is part of the near “wall” of this corridor, and there are others to its right that you can’t see.

One of the added benefits of the corridors is that the buildings along them will have unobstructed views forever.


Well, that’s an interesting setup for a pretty boring and uninspired capitol building. At least from a skyline viewpoint, I hear it has a visible underground on the capitol grounds which is actually pretty cool.