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This thread is designated for miscellaneous low-rise projects of any stage in development. At YIMBY, low-rises are considered buildings of less then 10 stories (100 feet). Projects of 10 or more stories (100+ feet) are deserving of their own thread in the appropriate category. Significant projects of less than 10 stories (100 feet) are eligible to an individual thread. Washington‘s general development news can also be tracked here.
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I go to school in Washington, DC, and since 2019, the city has really stalled in its projects. I’ve seen a big decline in investment and optimism.

As the office building planned for Parcel F at The Yards continues to move through the design review process, more detailed renderings have emerged.

The Yards: Parcel I Residential Project
The Yards: Parcel I Residential Project - JDLand.com


A rendering of the 467-unit multifamily building at The Yards that Urby will manage