TORONTO l Concord Sky (383 Yonge) l 1128 FT l 98 FLOORS

Designed by KPF, still in the proposal stages although it has been received positively by the community in the most recent meeting. The tower will be the tallest in Toronto if it’s built as proposed.


98 floors, Impressive, can’t wait to see those rise

Reminds me a little of the hearst tower coming out of that older base building

Revised design:



Im staying across the st from this site. All the storefronts in the old buildinrg are boarded up and closed. But no construction so far. Ill see if I can get a pic tomorrow.

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Unfortunately the design and height has changed. It’s now 981ft and 85 stories.

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This height cut means we will have like five towers within a couple meters of the same height


That is a shame they cut the height. The design still look ok but not as exciting as before. So does Toronto have any supertalls under construction or about to start construction soon?

I am really excited for that Gehry tower complex. Looks awesome.

I guess the one is technically under way already.

Yeah The One just finished excavation and is getting it’s crane. Sugar Wharf tower B (298m)is starting soon along with YSL (299)and the 65 story first phase of One Yonge street is finished excavation while it’s super tall (308m) second phase is starting construction. Mirvish(305m)has been quite for a while but developments rarely get cancelled here so it should be starting soon.

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From a couple days ago
They saved a few old facades here as well.

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Pics by Mulan M.