PHILADELPHIA | Broad + Pine (337 S Broad St) | 202 FT | 19 FLOORS

Title: Broad + Pine
Project: Condominium, retail
Architect: Cecil Baker + Partners
Developer: Dranoff Properties and SBE
Location: Broad and Pine Streets, Philadelphia, PA
Neighborhood: Avenue of the Arts
District: Center City
Floors: 28 floors
Height: 361 feet

Broad + Pine via Dranoff Properties


It’s a good tower, I hope that this is the design that they decide to go with. Unfortunately, I think we are going to have to wait for Arthaus to move along before construction can start on this. This will really help solidify the skyline’s southern growth

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The Arthaus Market and Sales VP said that Dranoff has no idea what’s going on with this project. However I believe that’s just a cover up as Dranoff is competent with developments, especially in an area where one of his properties were built and the one currently under construction

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I have to say, I was a huge fan of the old design… up the new one is goo as well, looks like something you see in New York. Hope it moves forward now


^That image is from 2017

Here’s an update from the Philadelphia Business Journal

“As Arthaus progresses and its target completion expected a year from now, Dranoff has begun to look at his next project, which will rise at the corner of Broad and Pine streets. While hesitant to divulge too many details, Dranoff said it will be a boutique building that will stand 14 to 15 stories and add to the growing number of residential buildings along South Broad. The project could get underway next year.”

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there is a new rendering?

what is being built here?

Look at the document above my recent post