PHILADELPHIA | Broad & Lombard | 542 FT | 44 FLOORS

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The reason that 500 foot building forum was made was because the tower was only heavily rumored at the time. The Broad and South Virgin Hotel project was seen as a seperate project until the CDR document revealed the 500 foot tower. It was confirmed by a ingormative user on Skyscraperpage


Broad and Lombard is not even close to being Rittenhouse.

The neighborhood tag on the Yimby articles are based off of Google Maps. We’ve had Philly real estate agents tell us the same thing, and you two are both correct

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Real Estate agents will tell you Harlem is Upper West Side. Nothing new here -

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I think the Rittenhouse neighborhood — officially — extends east to Broad and south to South. At least in terms of neighborhood association boundaries, etc. Of course of you say “Rittenhouse” most Philadelphians think in terms of proximity to the park. But for official city divisions, I think Rittenhouse might be correct.

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Me flogging a dead horse. Isn’t this also the Arts district?