PHILADELPHIA | 210 S 12th Street | 366 FT | 32 FLOORS

204 S 12th Street will bring 448 new apartment units to the site of the former 12th St Gym. The project will feature three levels of underground parking. Unfortunately, I do not know the exact height of the building at this time, though I’ll update the title of the thread as soon as I gain knowledge of those numbers. Demolition is planned for the third and fourth quarters of 2020. Construction will start in quarter two of 2021 and is said to last around 31 months. Overall, the design for the tower is okay, but I’m not sure what’s happening at the top. Sorry for the low resolution.

I will update this post as I learn more about it.


Well, it’s a pretty good building to fill into the skyline. The cladding makes it fit in with the specific area it’s in. I just hope it doesn’t block City Hall from my NJ spots, though it seems pretty thin

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looks like a Richard Rogers.

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The building is very thin. I’m honestly not sure how they are going to fit 448 units I three.

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Apparently the article forgot to mention that the architects are BLT Architects as well as Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners


Huh. Somehow the design looks kind of bland and dated to me. And it very much looks commercial, not residential.

But it’s a great location for that kind of density. There’s all kinds of retail and dining within walking distance, not to mention pretty much every transit line in the city.

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This and Arthaus brings mass to a new area, that’s one thing I like. However, I hate how this new building will actually block City Hall from this view

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