OAKLAND | Howard Terminal

rendering by BKF Engineers

Howard Terminal Ballpark concept masterplan, architecture by Bjarke Ingels Group

Howard Terminal Ballpark building heights in baseline scenario, architecture by Bjarke Ingels Group


This is not in San Francisco but across the bay in Oakland.

There is a chance the Oakland Athletics, famous for being featured in the Brad Pitt comedy “Moneyball”, will end up in Clark County (Nevada) instead of remaining in Oakland.


Moving to Clark County would be excellent. Oakland doesn’t deserve nice things.

I really hope to see this fully built out before the end of the decade. But who knows what will happen! Every month it seems to lean in one direction or the other, and its fate all lays in A’s president David Kaval, which ain’t great since he’s trying to squeeze the city out of more tax dollars. Hard to sympathize with him on that decision.

Also, previous site maps suggest two buildings in Howard Terminal could rise as high as 600 feet tall. If built, they could be either the tallest or second-tallest building in Oakland, depending on the future of 415 20th Street