NEWARK | 289-301 Washington Street (The Halo) | 40 + 40 FLOORS

The project, known as “The Halo,” is being proposed for 289-301 Washington Street, between William Street and Branford Place. The plans, which were designed by Minno & Wasko, call for a high-rise complex with two 40-story buildings connected by a five-story base.

There would be 66 studio apartments, 132 one bedrooms, and 99 two-bedroom units in each building, for a total of 594 in the entire complex. A source who provided information on the condition of anonymity told Jersey Digs that 20 percent of the units at The Halo is expected to be designated as “affordable housing.”

Located a block away from Teachers Village, 289-301 Washington Street is located farther west than other large recent development proposals in Newark’s central business district. The Halo would be the first one of its kind on the Washington Street corridor and would replace what has long been a privately owned gated parking lot.

The plans have been submitted to the Newark Central Planning Board as an “as of right” application, according to the source, and are expected to be heard in the near future. Should the approvals be granted, construction could begin next year and be completed as soon as the beginning of 2021.


Less than two years after acquiring a 0.62-acre site in downtown Newark, a developer has tapped Meridian Capital Group to market it as a multifamily investment in one of the city’s many Opportunity Zones


“In light of the recent draconian legislation passed in New York, which is having a further chilling effect in any and all types of development, it is wonderful to just cross the river and have Newark welcome with open arms the revitalization of the downtown,” he said. “In Jersey City and Newark… you’re going to see rental rates going up as developers flock to New Jersey because [the state] still embraces new development with opened arms.”



One of the towers would be 46 stories tall and contain 360 units while another would be 42 stories tall and contain 292 units, a zoning determination form says. The final structure would consist of 38 floors and 297 units.

These towers would range in height from 485 to 565 feet should The Halo come to fruition, according to a March 10 municipal staff report, making them among the tallest buildings in the state outside of Jersey City and Atlantic City.


Another day another Newark proposal

Hope this one comes to fruition


The design is the best part. Very sci fi.

From the developers comments, it seems like he actually really wants this to go through, unlike the other 100000 developers that propose projects in Newark only for there to be radio silence for years


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