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I found this funny. This is not going to work :joy:

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Yeah, it’s pretty crazy and funny



Ok, so I played around with this diagram of the Big Bend concept:

And then I took pieces of 111 W 57th and stacked it up to the height of the Big Bend, and they lined up really well

So with using the measurments of 111 W 57th, I got a total height of 2,162 feet


This is really neat.

1898 to 1903

Herald Square in 1896.

The oldest and most incredible footage of New York City ever, including where the WTC would be built. With added maps carefully researched to show where the camera was. 28 shots of classic footage with a new twist and a new soundtrack.

I’m a fan of the scene at the 3:40 mark.


Taken from the plane yesterday coming into newark.

They are mostly complete on the new upper roadway of the Bayonne Bridge ( the one destroyed in war of the worlds with tom cruise) And are taking down the previous original lower roadway.

The raising of the roadway is done to accomodate the new panamax ships’ taller height to get to newark/elizabeth ports.

Sorry for the bad quality- the weather was bad coming in and we were bouncing around a bit.


NYC’s Citywide ferry service officially sets sail today!

[QUOTE]The much-anticipated NYC Ferry service begins today, lessening the commute to Manhattan for many outer borough residents. The first commuter ferry took off from the new Rockaway route at 5:30 a.m. Monday, picked up more passengers at Sunset Park and then arrived in Lower Manhattan in just about one hour. Newly renovated ferries will also launch today on the East River Route, which services Midtown and Financial District communities. On Sunday, Mayor de Blasio held a christening ceremony and took the first ferry ride from the Rockaways to Wall Street…

…In total, there will be 21 stops added as a part of the city’s initiative to expand ferry service to all boroughs. The Far Rockaway route takes passengers from Beach 108th Street to Wall Street’s Pier 11 in just under an hour…

…The city says the ferry, which costs $2.75 per ride, will make about 4.6 million trips per year across the six routes.

aside from the free Wi-Fi and charging stations, you can also partake in some afternoon (or whenever you prefer) drinking. The ferry will offer beer on tap, wine, and coffee, along with a selection of snacks, all part of a concessions stand called The New Stand. The ferry will offer Brooklyn Pilsner and the Gotham Project on tap, and Joe Coffee will be the pick-me-up of choice.[/QUOTE]


Part of the javits center expansion.

Taken last sunday.


Thought I’d share this.

The holy book of NYC Zoning provisions, requirements, codes, and so on. Very useful reference when in question about zoning provisions or generally, the requirements/codes/design codes required in the city limits.

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Hasn’t been mentioned on here yet, but the House voted to seriously alter Dodd-Frank.

Volcker Rule could be toast soon!

Good times for NYC banks and therefore construction ahead!

An interesting profile of blight fetishist Griffin Hansbury, known by his online alter ego “Jeremiah Moss”

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This is pretty exciting stuff. Could drastically change the way skyscrapers are built.


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Cuomo Declares a State of Emergency in MTA Serviced Counties

PDF: Executive Order No. 168

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