NEW YORK | The XI (76 11th Ave) | 400 + 300 FT | 28 & 38 FLOORS

Work has started.


Great news!!! Cheers.

We’re you there today, Tec?

I was. Photos later.

The DOB schematic at the site is nothing like BIG’s proposal.

Looking forward for some pics. Yea, I noticed that from the filings so not sure what to think about it.

Will your pics include the DOB on site?

July 1st.

I hope that the torqued design has not been abandoned. Ziel Friedman is a known cost cutter.


I am hoping those are just crude diagrams. Given the BIG renderings appeared in EB-5 materials, I am guessing they are close to or exactly what will be built, as the designs used in EB-5 generally approximate the final product.

I hope so. The BIG proposal is stunning.

However, Ziel is known for “developing” drek. I hoped that this and the 29th St tower were starting new chapters for him.




Thanks, VG. I really hope that the BIG design is constructed and not what’s shown on the construction fence.

now known as “The Eleventh”


Awesome! Another interesting gem for the Highline.

I agree, VG. These buildings will be spectacular!!

Not a fan yet. Looks like 432 Park had twisted kids.

432 Park’s Zika-infected offspring?

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Thank you! :joy:

@yimby @Tectonic

Lol. I like it. It’s another unusual boutique building for the highline.


Oct 7

I think that Related will build something amazing next door.


In 2019, Danish favorite Bjarke Ingels will add his touch to the architectural lineup with a pair of twisted towers.

Called The Eleventh due to the building’s location between Manhattan’s 10th and 11th avenues, the $1.9 billion development will house 240 condominiums and a 137-room luxury hotel. Take a look.

The western tower will be taller than the eastern one, at 400 and 300 feet tall, respectively.

The hotel operating in the space will be the first US location of international chain Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, which will also run a large luxury spa.

HFZ Capital, the development company behind the project, is teaming up with Friends of the High Line, the organization in charge of maintenance and programming at the elevated park to create the outdoor promenade at the buildings’ base