NEW YORK | The Perelman (Performing Arts Center at WTC) | 138 FT

I think Brooklyn could do with an iconic performance center like that design.


Somebody would have to pay for it.

From above, that design almost looked like they tried honoring the layout of the smaller buildings that made up the former WTC area :scream: While the article didn’t mention if that were the case, the design would’ve been really unique for the site!

They are putting on the roofing material. Shame they’re not going on top with the marble (probably just because of cost)— but it’s good to see they have nice smooth white pavers on top. I was worried they’d have an unfinished roof with just the waterproofing like a lot of office or residential buildings do.


Perhaps its a layer under the marble, hopefully to support both the marble and vegetation

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I don’t believe they are putting the marble and vegetation as seen in earlier renders on the rooftop, otherwise they wouldn’t be putting down the raised pavers, that process wouldn’t be included in creating a green roof. bpc’s screenshot also indicates that the marble walls have begun to be capped off on the roof line.

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I really wish they would have had a rooftop garden on top of this building. It would have been an amazing space. I cannot wait until they test the lights for the first time at night. To me that is going to be where this building truly shines.

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Sounds like you know some stuff about roofing. Would you happen to know what the black and blue boards are for, and why they are going over the tar paper and under the pavers?


The blue and black pieces appear to be rigid insulation, at least the blue one is, the black one could be a drainage or protection board. Ontop of that appears to be white filter fabric and then the pedestals and pavers. I can not make out what the black underlayment is between what could possibly be modified bitumen (tar paper/felt) or EPDM and the rigid insulation.


This build will get a circular garden at the center of it’s roof right?

That’s in doubt as of now given what they’re doing with these raised pavers being put down

Thank you for showing up with your knowledge. lol

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Quick question, does anyone have an active link for the Earthcam of the PAC?

Also, it would be a shame if they scrapped the rooftop greenery, but hardly surprising. Especially if they plan to stick to the budget with the cost of things going up as of late.

This is the page I use that has the links to a couple different cameras. It’s the 4th post down.

This is the link specifically for the PAC


I’m interested to see how they plan to illuminate the stone to compensate for the shadows where the different floors are. They have to have come up with a solution for that right? As in they have to want an even glow around the entire building.

I believe there is lighting embedded in the mullions?

Looks like led strips hidden between the vertical black mounting columns on the inside, and the curtain wall itself. Like other LED projects on new buildings, I’d expect these to be inconsistent at first and take many months for engineering to be finished on them even after the building is ‘done’


We now see that they have movable davits put into the posts for facade maintenance. The other possibility was the posts were for a BMU track



^Final? I think they’re forgetting a big part of it.