NEW YORK | Sutton 58 (428-432 East 58th Street) | 847 FT | 67 FLOORS

OMG, a fuzzy rendering in the middle of the night with lights turned on

this is sam chang territory

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430 East 58th Street Begins To Rise Above Sutton Place, In Midtown East

After several years of legal battles between developers involved with the project, and NIMBYs who were not, construction on 430 East 58th Street, aka 3 Sutton Place, is finally now rising above street level. The first set of reinforced concrete floors have already been poured, and formwork is now above the adjacent buildings. A slight cantilever on the eastern elevation is beginning to form and protrude outwards. The future residential skyscraper was formerly being designed by Foster + Partners, but is now being overseen by Thomas Juul-Hansen, and is set to rise 800 feet over the Midtown Eastneighborhood of Sutton Place. Gamma Real Estate is the developer, and the lot is located between Sutton Place South and First Avenue.

The construction crane sits on the main northern elevation, and work has progressed to the seventh floor. There will be views of the top of the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, Roosevelt Island, Cornell’s newly built campus, and much of the rest of the Midtown and Lower Manhattan skylines.

The vistas can be seen in this earlier YIMBY article here. The images were taken almost four years ago, but still offer a striking and unique vantage point once work reaches the roof parapet.





It’s weird that we still haven’t seen a full rendering of this building. But since it’s Thomas Juul-Hansen I trust it will turn out well. It’ll almost definitely look better than the unimaginative box Norman Foster proposed for this site.


This is moving at a very slow pace.



Not a bad idea in the current market.

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This area is not very nice. The tenements are depressing. I hated living around there.


The Sutton Place neighborhood is one of the wealthiest and most desirable in Manhattan. And this is the only new tower, so no competition. It will probably sell very well.


Walpole has a point though. There are certain areas of the UWS and midtown East/UES where the tenement - coop inequality is very striking and seeing it all the time is a little sad


I used to live right near there (my wife’s choice). Sutton Place, which is tiny, is quite nice, but it’s surrounded by depressing, run-down tenements like the ones seen in the photos above.

It’s an area that has gone out of style. The kids with $ to burn want to live downtown.

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Correct. Murray hill is still young but in general Midtown or anywhere between 30-60 isn’t really where most young people want to live. But that also depends on the apt itself.

“Kids with money to burn” aren’t the target market here, obviously. The target market is families, obviously, and this location is great and close to the best private schools.

Yes I was thinking that. Depending how many 3BR’s they put into the mix they could get families, depending on the price point. There’s a lot of product to chose from.

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I think you all will be pleasantly surprised how much this has progressed over the past few weeks, I can see it from LIC shore. I’ll try to post some pics over the weekend


I saw it crossing the 59th street bridge today, they’ve added tons of floors this past week and a half or so.


These guys on top of the gondola must have a great view of the city all day.