NEW YORK | Sky High Towers (Concept) | up to 2x 2000 FT

Would this still be possible at Hudson Yards Phase Two? Or relocation of Madison Square Gardens?

I have my own concept on the subject of 5 MSG in the initial stage.


When the West Side Stadium was proposed in 2000, it was met with a lot of criticism from locals and corporations even MSG itself as they had considered that location to move back then as well. But once the eastern side of the railyard (Phase I of HY) was rezoned in 2005, support for the stadium was abandoned altogether and the Western side was rezoned in 2009 to support what is currently supported in Phase II of HY. Any plans for a sports/entertainment venue atop the western yards is not possible anymore through the rezoning.


Thanks for the information btw, but there’s one more thing I’m curious about.


What do you want it to be? What interests you?

Welcome here to the forum, what do you want to know from me?

How tall would or could this possible skyscraper be?

Would I have a possibility to plan my concept here?


There are no height limits in NYC but for those developments that explicitly mention them in zoning of the property or area. But even though there is no height restrictions, zoning laws still prevent a building from being a certain size after a certain height.

The height of the Site 4 tower as depicted in the render looks to be 1100-1200’,


The lowest height of the Sky High tower would be with spire at 1200 feet. If this is actually possible here…


As long as the proposal is within the boundary and location of the proposed masses I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible.


It would be absolutely awesome if they make the rooftop of this project a massive park / green roof and connect the High Line to it.


So far men only paint rendering of my sky high tower on Hudson Yards Phase Two.


The gray block in the center is the mass diagram of Site 4 of the PABT Towers with the height of 1200 feet.

Does the height amount to the total height of the building including the spire (1.) or can it be built higher as in (2.) there would be the roof height at 1200 feet.

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Well since we don’t know the actual heights and height limitations if any exist and that I just made a guess as to the heights, I wouldn’t see a problem in the roof height reaching 1200’ if everything past that point is inhabitable.


Per NYguy on SSP:

„ But bigger changes to midtown are coming with the twin rebuilding projects at Penn Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Those developments will spin off skyscrapers like a storm spins off tornados. They’re in the forecast. So, while it may be a simple rain now, (a rain that could flood most places), the storm is coming. And LIC, DT Brooklyn, and JC will all get it.“

Is it possible to build a supertall with the roof height of 1700 feet from the Site 2A2B of the ESC? Where would be the best place for such one or two big Supertalls?

Long Island City will probably double in size after Sunnyside Yards is platformed over with new towers. Downtown Brooklyn is expanding in a similar, but less ambitious way with Pacific Park and Jersey City still has a bunch of single-level surface parking that takes up entire city blocks.

The important thing for Downtown Brooklyn is following up 9 DeKalb with something equally impressive. Can’t rest on your laurels. Key to Long Island City is taking the lessons from Hudson Yards and applying those lessons to a much larger train facility in Queens. Jersey City just has to keep it up and stalk it out by densifying and building over those ground-level parking lots

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A tower of that height level with the roof would “theoretically” only be possible on Site 2B, not 2A as it is the smaller of the two parcels. It’s just a slightly far fetched height.

What would be the highest possible height of the Sky High Tower in New York 1300 feet or taller?

Is there a link for the New York zoning map?

As I’ve mentioned before, there is no height limit in NY unless a cap is placed on a specific development, height is restrained by other factors

Zoning also doesn’t really matter in some cases because one could build a 1000’ tall tower on a lot with a FAR of 1, it’s just the matter that it would look absolutely out of place as sites with a FAR of one are normal 1-5 stories tall depending on how they’ve used the site.

But links to zoning maps can be found here.


I knew it! So technically they could build higher than the tip of One WTC

Uhh yeah that was always the case. A lot of developers will talk about not passing the “symbolic height” of 1 WTC but that’s horseshit. The reality is they just can’t or don’t want to for other reasons (making the building bigger at the bottom, etc)

I’d love to see a neo futuristic building as NYCs new tallest, think Merdeka 118 in Kuala Lumpur or Ping An in Shenzhen.
But that’s off topic

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