NEW YORK | Sky High Towers (Concept) | up to 2x 2000 FT

That was just such a visionary utopian drawing nothing more. That would already be a nice site for the Sky High on 12th Ave. above Hudson Yards Phase two. I just don’t know how high can be built here.

As far as I know there was to the site 418 11th Ave. a competition would this be possible here too?

The only thing that interests me why was the proposal for Site K withdrawn.

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The proposal for Sike K (Affirmation Tower) is withdrawn but not canceled. Temporarily it’s on hold because the site needs some sort of “affordable housing” in it for some reason. But yet we haven’t even seen the other 5/6 proposals being presented


The proposal wasn’t withdrawn, the RFP was withdrawn. We assume it’ll be sent out again after the elections are done, with possible modifications.

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Let’s do it differently…

Are we planning here on this property the River Side Plaza with the rain glass on the 12th Ave. front. The bottom drawing would then be sides reversed blue front back the oblique.

Height up to 1800 feet and the Sky View elevator something for tourists. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hudson Yards Phase Two gets the Sky Tower Complex with 1400 feet.


Such a structure like this would dominate the Hudson Yards area, especially along the waterfront. :slight_smile:

And speaking of Hudson Yards, I’m unsure if they’re still continuing development for Phase Two


It would be a nice rendering with the two projects.

I want to see :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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@ThreeWentDown make you a rendering over the

River Side Plaza and Sky High Tower?

Hudson Yards Phase Two I know nothing if they are planning something or not officially I have not received a response yet.

or in Philadelphia….


I bet TK2000 knows something about the area in Philly


The last news was that it was supposedly in the design process, and the design was actually supposed to be revealed a couple of years back


I have a question for both of you @TKDV and @ThreeWentDown:

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Which of you two has the interest to model the Sky High Tower and maybe the River Side Plaza?

I have no way to create a professional rendering only a paint drawing.


I can help out as well, just making a basic model. I’ve had ideas to spice up the exterior along with external lighting as well, I can sketch those up


Feel free to do this, you can also model it purely in your Philadelphia Future project (with an elevation of 1200 feet). :slightly_smiling_face:


If you don’t mind, I would be happy to render and edit your model of Mackensen’s concepts into a photomontage if you make one.


That would be cool to see!:smiley:



a rendering

Per Xing:

In this skyline the future (1600 feet tall).

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Yeah that’s a rendering of the future skyline.

2 things I find interesting about it.

  1. None of those buildings are 1,600 ft or taller.
  2. None of those buildings are similar to this “sky high towers” vision

too bad she (Mack) can’t render it.

Where would be the perfect place for a 1600 feet supertall?
What potential does the site of 790 Seventh Ave. possibly have for a megatall?
Where can you really design and build a megatall?

In this Skyline View I can see the (Sky High) and possibly the (River Side Plaza). I found my first hand drawing again (175 Park Ave.) it says elevation of 1700 feet not 1600 feet. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I could say anywhere in the city but that wouldn’t be fully true simply because of zoning regulations. Really at the moment, the most plausible locations due to the presence of no height regulations would be at the Empire State Complex and the PABT redevelopment. But both locations would still be dependant on the area of the buildings as already set and the massing shape.

As for the 790 7th Ave site, the lot is actually small relative to other lots of recent projects that have gone up. At 33,000 sqft, its less than 2/3 the 175 Park Avenue lot, and 3/4 the One Vanderbilt lot. Dependant on what the function of the development is, this would greatly decrease the possibility for a megatall really for both commercial and residential projects.

And for the follow up question, I’d refer back to my first answer again because zoning is everything in NYC.