NEW YORK | Sky High Towers (Concept) | up to 2x 2000 FT


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This was an idea for 343 Madison Avenue which can also be built in Philadelphia (height up to 1000 feet).


A hand drawing for a possible 57th Street tower (height to 2000 feet).

Skyline-view elevator and a two-story observation deck are just two details of the River Side Plaza.

It is only an old drawingโ€ฆ.

Just very briefly the tallest skyscraper in the world with a height of 3000+ feet.

All my concepts can be planned and built.



3 megatalls for New York

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The Sky High Towers for my new NYC world in development(although itโ€™s still the same world but in a different area).

Iโ€™ll also include the proposed towers, including the ones soon to be constructed, maybe even the canceled ones, and perhaps some of my custom ones. :smiley:


with the โ€œSky High Towerโ€ 2000 feet

rgarri4 a rendering creating?

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@rgarri4 make a rendering?

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What would the diagram look like if there were two megatalls here?

I myself have my own even more massive concept for PAST redevelopment.

Would it be possible in New York to have a connection between two buildings at 1800 feet above 10th Avenue?

Similar to those only as a skydeck. :

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Imagine them accepting your Sky High Towers design for the PABT site. :heart_eyes: