NEW YORK | S.S. United States | 53,330 GRT | 990 FT

„ Renderings show the SS United States berthed at Pier 76 in Hell’s Kitchen the former NYPD Towpound that was converted to public space by Governor Andrew Cuomo during the pandemic. Plans also show the Hudson River Park pier connected to the High Line via a spur from the Western Railyards at Hudson Yards. RXR and MCR have teamed up with partners, including Gibbs & Cox — the vessel’s original design firm, to develop the plan. Unlike previous ideas for the ship — including relaunching it as an oceangoing liner this seems much more than a pipe dream, with the two lead partners having experience redeveloping iconic, historic properties in New York including Eero Saarinen’s landmark 1962 TWA Flight Center and hotel at JFK Airport as well as Hudson River Park’s Pier 57. „


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Supposedly a complete replica of the old R.M.S. Titanic is under construction but I doubt it very much.

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The one being built in China is a “great value” replica that will be a hotel. That is now on hold as they haven’t finished the upper decks and the cranes still stand. And the Titanic 2 proposal…which I first heard of while I was in middle school a decade ago, is most definitely not happening as the only news you hear is Clive Plamer saying “it’s going to happen”