NEW YORK | Queens Plaza Park (29-55 Northern Blvd) | 751 FT | 63 FLOORS

Posted this on ssp, but I’ll just restate it.

I don’t think it’s what will happen. We have seen this is Miami, same scenario and they wind up getting taller. The developer will have to request a study to be done along with negotiating for the height. Happens all the time in Miami, and it shouldn’t be a challenge to get it in LIC.

But in my speculation, I wouldn’t see this as the final height or a cap for all of LIC.

I have seen this same rubbish occur for Miami towers, and they all wind up being very close to the original height or what the developer wants.

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From the study: (PDF)

This determination expires on 03/16/2018 unless:

Page 2 of 8
(a) the construction is started (not necessarily completed) and FAA Form 7460-2, Notice of Actual
Construction or Alteration, is received by this office.
(b) extended, revised, or terminated by the issuing office.
© the construction is subject to the licensing authority of the Federal Communications Commission
(FCC) and an application for a construction permit has been filed, as required by the FCC, within
6 months of the date of this determination. In such case, the determination expires on the date
prescribed by the FCC for completion of construction, or the date the FCC denies the application

This determination becomes final on October 26, 2016 unless a petition is timely filed. In which case, this
determination will not become final pending disposition of the petition. Interested parties will be notified of the
grant of any review. For any questions regarding your petition, please contact Airspace Regulations & ATC
Procedures Group via telephone – 202-267-8783 - or facsimile 202-267-9328.

This determination is based, in part, on the foregoing description which includes specific coordinates, heights,
frequency(ies) and power. Any changes in coordinates, heights, and frequencies or use of greater power will
void this determination. Any future construction or alteration, including increase to heights, power, or the
addition of other transmitters, requires separate notice to the FAA.
This determination does include temporary construction equipment such as cranes, derricks, etc., which may be
used during actual construction of the structure. However, this equipment shall not exceed the overall heights as
indicated above. Equipment which has a height greater than the studied structure requires separate notice to the
This determination concerns the effect of this structure on the safe and efficient use of navigable airspace
by aircraft and does not relieve the sponsor of compliance responsibilities relating to any law, ordinance, or
regulation of any Federal, State, or local government body.
Any failure or malfunction that lasts more than thirty (30) minutes and affects a top light or flashing obstruction
light, regardless of its position, should be reported immediately to (877) 487-6867 so a Notice to Airmen
(NOTAM) can be issued. As soon as the normal operation is restored, notify the same number.

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go tall, Durst. Ef the FAA.
as of now plans have been scaled back - 763 units down from 1000. 710’ Highest Occupied Space. 63 floors.

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Man, I really hope this happens!:pray:

Handle designed the Marriot and Watermark Court Square in Long Island City. I like the Marriot but Watermark turned out uninspiring.

the Marriot, photos by Vitali

Watermark, photo by the Court Square blog


The Durst Organization Files for Retail at 29-23 Queens Plaza North, Long Island City

Handel Architects has filed for permits for a two-story retail building that will rise at 29-23 Queens Plaza North, on the southwestern corner of the site, which will have a total construction area of just over 20,000 square feet. There will be 10,333 square feet of commercial space within, and the structure will rise 41 feet to its rooftop.


LGA to LIC is twice less the distance (3 miles) when compared to MIA - downtown (6 miles) so not so sure about this theory… Yet 432 Park (1400ft) is just 4.5 miles away from LGA… Go figure…

Finally some action!

2 days ago




Nice, excited about this one. The tower itself is not super impressive, but I always like integrating old and new.




very Metlife-esque…


Interesting shape.

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Is it wise to have a 700ft parabolic reflective glass surface that has a SW exposure?


Yesterday from the train


I think is kinda cool. I hope they plan on lighting the clock tower. Kinda thinking like they do 30 rock or Grand Central, with lights from above or other buildings.




Today. Poured some concrete under the retail sections. Still drilling caissons for the main tower.