NEW YORK | Port Authority Bus Terminal Renovation/Replacement

Hmm maybe. I wonder if those 2 Bridges 700 fters are twins? I don’t remember their design exactly bu they looked similar

Even if now my Sky High Topic and the PABT here are similar then it has only the reason that I plan my concept here.

Okay, even though I plan for Site 4 to be the Sky High Tower with a height of around 1200 feet, and Site 3 to be 900 feet.

But my question about Site 1 and 2 is a different one and that is:

The old McGraw-Hill Building is in this vicinity. How might this impact Site 1, and specifically to allow this to be narrower and possibly taller?,-73.991643&z=18&b=115345&t=show

And one more thing: Is it likely that only 2 very tall buildings (over 1900 feet) can be built on the entire site?

I’m already planning the four individual towers, but …


Ah, now that’s interesting. I kinda wish that the area between 9th & 10th Avenue and 34th & 39th street are filled with high rise towers/skyscrapers to fill in the gap. But now that you mention it, I think I meant to say that it’ll be like a whole new city since this enormous project will form a somewhat U-shape connecting this to Hudson Yards to Manhattan West and to the ESC. :slightly_smiling_face:

@ThreeWentDown @mcart

Yeah, it is early to determine the exact designs, but I’ll be surprised if the twins are actually implemented as final design, and as you mentioned before MCart, that anything could change anytime :slightly_smiling_face:

I think @TKDV has more knowledge of this site than me, but considering there’s no height limit I think it’s possible to have a supertall taller than One WTC, or even a megatall.

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Any building can be narrower/taller or wider/shorter, but that is based on zoning code requirements, an existing building outside of the development boundary wouldn’t have any affect on a proposed building inside the boundary. For commercial buildings in NY you are trying to capitalize on the area of each floor, Site 1 definitely won’t be any slimmer because of this. As for the height, even if it was zoned for 4 million sqft, it would need a lot of vanity height to reach 1900’.

The chances of only 2 giant towers being built instead of the planned 4 is highly unlikely, practically none. The current layout of the towers coordinates with the footprint of the low-lying terminal buildings to not interupt service paths/roads/ramps and corridors within the terminal, changing the footprints of the building to be larger would result in interupting these items.

@mcart I understand it was just a thought, but I would abandon the idea of twins, as it’s very unlikely, similar to what ThreeWentDown mentioned, even though they are just massings they are still representative of factors as it relates to calculating building proportions, Tower 1 and 4 are very different. The idea of fraternal twins is interesting and I like it, but not twins in that they would be identical.

@NewYorkCity76 Thanks for expanding on that, even if that particular area wont be getting any tall developments, its getting some much needed greenspace!


When could we see the first renderings of site 3 and 4? Could there also be an architect competition?

I don’t think there will be any competitions for the towers, Since the towers will be commissioned by private developers, they will most likely just onboard whichever firm they’d like to work with, and if they choose to see options from multiple architecture firms we may never see all the designs as is typical with a number of projects as that’s at the discretion of the developer to release materials.

All that being said, we won’t see anything for sometime after a developer comes on board as we still have to wait for the developer. It makes the most sense for a private developer to develop all 4 towers, similar to how Vornado is overseeing a portion of the Empire Station Complex.


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The Four Towers of PABT have their own topic:


A number of depictions and early plans I’ve seen show the outline of the upper portion of the terminal going beyond the property/lot lines a good amount. I really hope this is not the case as that would make the structure feel very overbearing to be over the sidewalk and possibly some of the street. That is why development are not allowed to build inhabitable spaces outside of the lot lines, to preserve street walls, and clear obstructions of the sidewalk and street to make it feel open.

The current dump of a building is already very heavy and it too slightly overhangs past the lot. Maybe use of different materials and color would lessen this impact of heaviness in the new terminal if it does overhang but it’d be better if it didn’t (which i’m sure there is a reason it overhangs in plans.)

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Are you talking about when it goes over roads?
I saw that in one of the renderings and it looks awesome

Not really, though that will be an unusual sight to see (even though there are other examples around the city, but still few). An example would be a normal block in Manhattan is about 800’ x 200’, and the building outline is 840’ x 240’, so it overhangs the property line 20’ on each side.

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Like cantilevers?

Yep, every depiction from plans to conceptual renders to massing schemes, even to the latest render that was released, show the 3 eastern lots (of the 5 lots this project occupies) as overhanging beyond the property line, some even into the street.


I can’t help but feel that this is wishful thinking.

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But wishful thinking of what exactly? That there will actually be parts of the building outside of the property line?

Yes. -