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Can they please start working on the platforms over the Atlantic Avenue rail yards? Or are they waiting to make enough money to be able to finance that next phase?

New article today on Brooklyn Crossing


A few articles that include updates on this development…

Construction of Tower B5, quality of life

From the latest Construction Update: first block of crucial platform finally set to start within next two weeks, will focus on first of six railyard towers

McDonalds redevelopment, 840 Atlantic


Slides from last weeks quality of life meetings, includes a few renderings

More about Tower B5 construction

Link: In slide from recent meeting, a new view of B4 tower, plus the site for the future B5

Text from article: There isn’t much revealing in the slideshow, but I have excerpted, at right, one slide, which is a helicopter perspective, looking west/southwest, at the western end of the railyard and the B4 tower (aka 18 Sixth Ave., or Brooklyn Crossing), which flanks the Barclays Center.

The arrow, which I added, points to the location of the planned B5 tower, the first one over the railyard. The railyard platform is expected to start next month. I suspect at least one foundation for the tower will also be installed by the June 15 deadline to qualify for the current 421-a tax break.

The tower is expected to go vertical next year, and should take two years to build.

B5 is slated to be about 77% of the height (and 71% of the bulk) of the B4 tower, with a T-shape that allows for limited segments of green open spaceflanking the building to the north at Atlantic Avenue and the south at Pacific Street.


Pasting the images here for reference:


What it’s looking like so far (kind of blocky, but very expansive, almost a skyline of its own.)

These towers (currently pictured without glass) will be blocked out by even more buildings in front of them

Platform plans (over railroad yard to hold more towers)

What we will eventually get


These 2 are moving along

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