NEW YORK | PAC NYC (Performing Arts Center at WTC) | 138 FT

There was an event going on tonight, the new stretch of Greenwich was a parking lot of endless rows of black SUVs

Also, from Monday


I hope these people realize this whole thing only looks good with warm amber light.


Nice article follow up and conclusion to this project :+1:


So does that mean the first floor is open to the public? If so, I gotta come back again to see

And with that, we conclude another chapter of WTC redevelopment (save for a couple street lights and fixtures). Now it’s on to the next chapter, 5WTC, and hopefully within our lifetimes, the final chapter, 2WTC.

Now that the PAC is open, the café with its terrace has become my favorite part of the entire development. The aesthetic is a welcome and refreshing change from the colorless and soul-draining exposed ceilings and concrete slab floors. The interior is warm and inviting, comfortable and cozy, like many of the dining options in the original complex.


Other Cortlandt St stair is open, also just took a snap of the small fenced area north of 2WTC so that those who have asked about it get some perspective of it. Its just holding extra construction materials and finishes. I’m sure it will eventually go away soon. They also spray painted a dashed line of the final outline NW corner of the 2WTC sidewalk


Stopped by the site today to check out the PAC. It’s lovely inside. Will definitely be great to visit again once it’s in the swing of everything and the restaurant opens. For some reason I got so distracted by everything I only took a few shots…

Bonus shot of 1 WTC just because she’s a beaut🇺🇸



The only thing I’m wondering about (outside of 2 & 5 one day being built) is… what about 6 WTC? Is this building (The PAC) unofficially 6? :thinking:

I’m excited to see this in person, as it’s definitely going to be nice seeing the area feel fairly complete for the first time in two decades.

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How much of this building can one investigate without a ticket?

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6WTC, or “Building 6”, is said to be the Port Authority’s internal designation for the structure that sits atop the northern portion of the Vehicular Security Center, so to answer your question, yes, 6WTC is for all intents and purposes the unofficial name of the building that is solely occupied by the PAC, kind of like how 3WTC was the building that was solely occupied by the Vista/Marriott Hotel (including their restaurants).

Personally, I think the name should have been “Perelman Performing Arts Center at 6 World Trade Center”. Dutchmazz is a popular native NYC vlogger on YouTube who refers to the PAC as 6, so it might catch on slowly, if for no other reason than it’s easier to say.



I nominate “Trade Center Theater”.