NEW YORK | PAC NYC (Performing Arts Center at WTC) | 138 FT

They missed an opportunity to have an outdoor space here. I can imagine events on the roof with great views of the memorial and the WTC.


I mean, even if the design had still had that little greenroof circle on it, I dont think it would’ve been accessible.

Why you think so?

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Mostly due to the reasons that it ended up looking like it did, the mechanical vents would’ve still needed to go somewhere, the bmu davits still needed to be stored somewhere, the stair access penthouse needed to go somewhere since it couldn’t be made “in” the building mass. There would have had to be an elevator, etc. The circle greenroof iteration itself was never feasible because of the reasons that the building roof looks as it did.

But other than that I’d say there are a number of greenroofs that are not accessible to the public and that would’ve just been one of them, the most notable in NY being the Barclays Center roof. Would it have been possible to make it accessible, I’m certain it could’ve been, but that design iteration was made before MEP got involved with the project.


Exactly what I meant! I’m not sure why I couldn’t articulate that better lol.


That’s my fault, lol

I’m all in favor of green roofs, but in this particular instance it would have looked like a bad toupee IMO, especially in a district where a great many vantage points are from over head.


This is where City Opera was going to move before they went belly up.

Does anyone have a recent photo of the 1 train subway stairs on the north east side of the PAC? Haven’t been able to see what’s going on with that since the Hilton cams went offline.

I dont believe there are stairs on that side anymore, it’s just an accessible elevator for ada. Though someone can correct me if I’m wrong, I havent seen any stairs that lead downward (or in general). I can stop by in a few minutes.

I didn’t see any stairs (or lights emanating from below that would indicate a stair) on that side, just the elevator.


Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to check it out. I used to have a great view of the PAC when I went to BMCC a few years ago, and used to check out the site every day. Haven’t been out there much lately but I hope to change that soon.

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Thanks for the photos, would like to see a warmer light entering the PAC. That very cool lighting clashes with the beautiful warmth of the marble.


So i asked my friend who attends bmcc if he could get some pictures from a higher angle. This photo seems to show the stairs are indeed still there.


Ah, very good, I stand corrected! :+1: Thanks for those! I can only see the opposite side from my higher vantage point (in my earlier previous post), the Oculus blocks what I’d be able to see of that side.

The lights mustve not been on the other time I passed by the rear (which I didnt yesterday) or they were and I didnt notice it as being stairs because of everything blocking them from ground level.

Minus a panel or two on the left of the stairs and a lil piece to the right hand side of the base looks like all stone cladding is now finished


Like Enterprise mentioned, there are only 3 pieces of base cladding left to be installed (on the south side) there are 2 missing panels on the east rear side.

You can see the reflection of the interior side of the glass in the lobby windows. It’s still hard to say whether the entrance will appear that dark all the time, especially since the lobby lights were on at the time. I don’t particularly know if there are lights “outside” of the lobby area “above” the stairs in the void opening.

@Sea_roomba I tried to see if I could see the stairs, but like I mentioned before, they were indeed being covered by stuff (I believe they are behind the wrapped paving materials behind the elevator in my photo)

Another update from a friend’s perch, bollard installation is complete on the south side (but for the ones that have been removed) and a lot of curb work has been done since the 8th’s update. Waterproofing has also begun to wrap around the south side about midway. Seems to have needed to excavate some stuff before they could continue laying down sidewalk materials. There’s a lot of curb material waiting outside the east fence now.


Quick update:


This is looking less like fiction and more like fact with each passing day! Hard to believe a transit hub was right on the site of this (and, of course, the former buildings at WTC as well). If 2 & 5 WTC can ever get vertical, it’d be a bittersweet end to a 20+ year-long project to rebuild the area.


Progress as of today. In the red it appears they’ve started placing the stone pavers. Then in blue there have been large sections of concrete poured