NEW YORK | One Manhattan Square | 847 FT | 72 FLOORS

Credit: DNAinfo/Lisha Arino

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Extell’s ‘One Manhattan Square’ Project Pegged for Q3 2019 Completion

One Manhattan Square, the eighty-story skyscraper (823 feet) on South Street brought to you by Extell Development Corp. is on track for completion in the third quarter of 2019. At a construction rate of approximately one floor every three days, plus the enclosure and fit-out, the project is still more than three years from out. Domestic sales are anticipated to begin in September, as previously reported.

This was the estimate provided last night during the fifth quarterly meeting with area residents (predominantly from 82 Rutgers Street). Here are some other updates gleaned during the info session (in no particular order):

Foundation is complete. Work has begun on the fifth floor of the podium. The superstructure itself begins on the sixth floor.

The tower will be enclosed by the end of 2017.

Construction on the “poor door” affordable tower should commence in the fall.

For safety purposes, neighbors are pitching to create a mid-block crossing in the center of Cherry Street. Lots of neighborhood youth cross to attend the area Head Start program, and there are fears about the increased traffic that will result from the wall of glass coming to the waterfront. Susan Stetzer committed to putting this measure on a future Community Board 3 agenda.
Extell committed to providing security reflector vests for area children passing through the covered walkway between the project site and 82 Rutgers Street.

The developers are now more assertive in their position to bring an “affordable” supermarket back to the street. Razy Haas, SVP Project Management and Development for Extell, repeated that claim several times during the hour-long meeting. Haas shot down any hope for a possible “early opening” of the supermarket, though, noting it can’t happen before “early 2019.”

There are three total retail units.


One Manhattan Square Aerial Film


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I never thought this building would be that stunning when complete, especially at night!
Great video you found, VG!

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So I could see this pretty well from the boat ride. It has definitely grown some since the last updates. I however did not get a picture because I was getting a beer when we passed it heading south (we were on right side of boat) and my wife was taking pictures(her phone was dead) and was focused the Brooklyn bridge…

Either way it was pretty noticeable from the east river.

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Love it.

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Some pics I’ve pulled from the vid …

Russian hottie spotted in Austrian newspapers (my gf is 1/4 russian) … took a pic yesterday with my phone:



will this be the tallest water front property in NYC when done?

She’s delicious! Look at that camel toe!!! What gorgeous labia!!!

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I was downtown this morning.


oh ya its made nice progress.

Wow! didn’t expect the first floor to be already done! Great news! Gonna be faster than I thought!

Believe it will be!

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From above this morning…


4 floors above ground?

Wowiee! Amazing progress! Thanks for all the updates of amazing quality @Tectonic !

I am just glad I am not crazy. I stated a few days ago it looked larger from the east river, then this photos show solid growth.

Anyways Great pics tectonic.


Indeed, a great pic! :beer: This thing will be huge, just look at it!