New York Metropolitan Vintage Photo Collection

Found this in my files, December 2008
Not very vintage, but it’s quite the throwback!


circa 1994, photo by Steven Siegel

NY Skyline 356 by Steven Siegel, on Flickr


Looks quaint compared to today

Yeah it does.

That small village in the distance. A village compared to today. So much has been added in the last 23 years.


Yankee Stadiun, Bronx, New York, 1962. by Michael Donovan, on Flickr


Top buildings of 1994 vs 2020.


Nyc in the 80’s, street view like… very cool.

Financial district in 1885


1975 aerial

Gleaming golden buildings in Lower Manhattan by late afternoon light. The Hudson River, Battery Park City landfill, West Side Highway, The World Trade Center, Pier A, Battery Park, the East River and so much more. New York. Aug 1975 by Andy Blair, on Flickr


Easy to forget that battery park city is a land reclamation project.
Truly one of the largest projects in NYC history

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All photos from the flickr stream of Michael Cairns.

the downtown skyline before One Chase

1955 6 (10) New York by Michael Cairns, on Flickr

A panorama of Manhattan before the boxes invaded

1955 6 (23) New York by Michael Cairns, on Flickr

moving on to the 60’s

1962 9 New York (2) EB by Michael Cairns, on Flickr

1962 12 New York (1) EB by Michael Cairns, on Flickr

70s. The boxes have taken over.

1973 6 Hoboken (4) EB by Michael Cairns, on Flickr

1980, Battery Park City in progress.

1980 4 New York (2) EB by Michael Cairns, on Flickr

a view we’ve only recently been reacquainted with

Apr_1991_ (6) by Michael Cairns, on Flickr

there’s the skyline we all know. This is nostalgic for me.

Jul_1991_ (7) by Michael Cairns, on Flickr

Dec_1991_ (2) by Michael Cairns, on Flickr

I’m glad we cut down exponentially on the smog. You can’t appreciate the skyscrapers if you cant see them…

1991 6 New York (1) EB by Michael Cairns, on Flickr


Such a different time when only the ESB dominated midtown!

late 60’s-70’s the invasion of the boxes

lower manhattan skyline and battery park from the bay may 1969 by eralsoto, on Flickr

lower manhattan from the staten island ferry may 1970 by eralsoto, on Flickr

financial district looking southeast from world trade center november 1970 by eralsoto, on Flickr

midtown manhattan looking east from hudson river may 1971 (1) by eralsoto, on Flickr

new skyscrapers of financial district march 1972 by eralsoto, on Flickr

aerial view of midtown manhattan looking northwest july 1974 by eralsoto, on Flickr


Have you guys ever seen this?

There is a ton of great footage and stories.
Also, I love the soundtrack.

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I own the dvd. Its a great documentary covering the whole history. Highly recommend it. From the 1600’s all the way up to and a little past 9/11.

Any NY fan and aficionado should see it IMO.

Agreed, Chris. It’s a must see!

Thanks, I’ll have to check it out…

Speaking of… have any of yu guys been to the Museum of the City of New York lately. There’s an absolutely amazing new permanent exhibit (about a year old) that takes up the whole fist floor called “New York at its core”. It traces the history of New York through actual artifacts preserved or found at sites throughout the region. There’s also 30-min film that’s breathtaking.


George Garrigues


This image is ripe for a gif showcasing 1981 vs 2017.


The very core of the World Trade Center visible in this slide taken from the Empire State Building. The classic MetLife building at left. A little smoggy, but not too bad for the times. New York. May 1972 by Andy Blair, on Flickr