NEW YORK | Manhattan Skyline

Looking North:

September 11 2014

911 Tribute in Lights at Twilight by branandtan, on Flickr

Looking East at Midtown:

September 5 2014

NYC skyline across the Hudson by fruminous_bandersnatch, on Flickr



Development heaven. Where all the developments of the world hope be reincarnated. ESB is starting to look like an infant. Also, all of the developments along the East River, and Gold Coast are beginning to resemble a Hong Kong feel. Flanked by towers on both sides of the river. More on the East, but if JC continues its boom, its essentially a Kowloon. What the area needs is a signature tower for JC. A supertall on the JC side would be sweet; not to mention that it would make for an amazing vista. What this rendering doesn’t show is LIC, which is poised to become a denser DoBro if the developments keep rollin’ in.

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