New York | Hudson Yards Phase Two

omg yes, but at least like 50% larger than the one in LV just because


@NewYorkCity76 they are wide, wider than the typical NYC block length of 800’. But the majority of them would never fit within the zoning of Phase II because it isn’t zoned like one huge lot, it’s still zoned as 3 individual blocks. So whatever is built will still have to be built/designed according to that zoning.


Could someone make a mass chart about the casino?

No, because no information has come out about it, massings can’t be made with 0 (actually) information.


I mean I guess? I’d like a building that doesn’t fit in Hudson Yards. (A part of the reason I do like 418 11th, at least the design we’ve been shown)

Plus Grand Lisboa looks amazing.


And I’ll respect your opinion lol. 418 11th Ave looks like a normal building for the most part in the aspect that there are buildings that cantilever and the facade isn’t really “that” wild. So it does fit in like any other building in that sense.

In my view I see a difference in a building not fitting in vs being different (but still fitting in.) Grand Lisboa doesn’t/wouldnt fit in because it’s kitschy (the podium is some egg shaped thing). 418 is an example of the opposite, just as a number of new highrises along the highline are, they look different than the normal context but still fit in. I’d welcome that.

Thanks for taking that convo here. :+1:



Perfect! that is what should be built there. :rofl: :rofl:


It’s funny because NYNY LV is approximately the same size as all of Phase II.