New York | Hudson Yards Phase Two

The deck hasn’t even been built yet, ofc Phase 2 isn’t ready.

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I am more and more seeing shots like these starting to become more and more popular with the mainstream pop culture in New York City, and I really appreciate the fact that they are starting to come out with actual footage of Hudson Yards in more weather conditions. The question I have is with Phase 2 coming some time in the foreseeable future, will that phase enhance or eliminate any more of the signature New York City grit?


These shots really give a cyberpunk/futuristic feel to it because of the fog. :heart_eyes:

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Just grittier and more realistic, and less of the Chamber of Commerce weather/greenwashing that most photos have displayed Hudson Yards to be in.


I would imagine the new towers around Penn Station in those shots. :slight_smile:


A continued Mass from the Hudson to the East river is gonna be amazing. Though Midtown East may be set a little far back


Yes, a relatively consistent mass of large towers from the East to West shorelines will be nice. Thing is, I have always got the MetLife North Building and a substantial rezoning of Kips Bay in my back pocket.

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Hopefully, Hell’s Kitchen will get more mass as well, so it’ll connect from Hudson Yards to Billionaires Row.


Hell’s Kitchen just needs a couple of seed projects akin to the unbuilt Larkin building to jump-start that specific area’s process of growth.

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Oh yeah, I remember the Larkin building. That tower looks nice, especially with that height.

As for Hudson Yards Phase Two, I bet it’ll make Phase One unrecognizable a little.


I’m waiting for the massive park expansion, while I do enjoy the massive towers I can use the park a lot more. And it will help the views from the Highline, Javits, and 418 11th Ave.


In order for that to happen, HK would need to be rezoned, which wouldn’t happen without a huge NIMBY slugfest.

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Then the direction we take is basically saying “Every neighborhood surrounding you has higher density, so you are the uncontextual neighborhood” and there are a few reasons.

Hudson Yards is making an entire neighborhood of its own from scratch

Midtown Proper is continuing to make the changes it needs to keep up

The Upper West Side has some pretty solid, and large projects of its own

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This photo is a whole mood. Makes you excited for Phase 2 of Hudson Yards, doesn’t it?


This video is old and idk if it’s been posted here


Yes, quite a photo. The overall Architectural Artistry of NYC is absolutely the best of any city in world. Take a look at that landscape design at ‘little Island’ and onward to that variety of interesting and varied crop of buildings rising into the sky.

I can not think of any other city that comes close to this level of design creativity & overall excellence.

Viva Nueva York… :star_struck:

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Any updates on when they will cover the rest of the rail yards?

Standard height: 300 to 400 meters

Estimated top out year: unknown

Architect: unknown

Developer: Related Companies and Oxford Properties

Hudson Yards Phase 2 is planned to be developed on the west side of Phase 1, to cover the remaining exposed rail yards. The project includes 8 buildings, and at least one of them will be a supertall tower.

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That looks huge! :heart_eyes:


I will see a better rendering :heart_eyes: