New York | Hudson Yards Phase Two

The best place for a casino

You have a million $ apartment and in the casino you can earn several million $$.

Hudson Yards thus earns more money $$$.

@GSPLover That’s an interesting assessment, but I honestly wouldn’t see it as being that bad, not anything like Times Square comparatively as a zoo, especially if it only takes the place of the West Tower’s site. There’s plenty examples around the world of high end resorts that don’t cause commotion to their surroundings. Outside of the resort itself, a lot of residential buildings in NY have sound dampening windows that block a lot of noise pollution, so I don’t think would be a problem.

@007 That analysis doesn’t really make sense. Related/HY wouldn’t generate revenue from people winning, much less from people living next door that can afford those apartments. It’s quite a known fact that people lose/spend more money than they end up winning by a lot.They would generate revenue from people (the average person, not millionaires) spending money and not just at the casino.

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I think it could become a luxury casino.

I don’t know how that relates to your previous comment or what I said, but that isn’t in doubt. There’s no question that this particular partnership would create a luxury resort because Wynn Resorts is involved.

People need to remember that even though a gambling license for specific locations is what is up for grabs/to be determined, a resort is what is being projected to be developed in this particular location, not just a casino.


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Phase II really only consists of Related’s development of the western yard, everything outside of that (that doesn’t have a thread) generally goes in the first linked thread.:+1: But nice find!



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I think your nervousness is misplaced as it seems you may be misinterpretting the project, atleast as it relates to the proposal at Hudson Yards.

I’m confused by your first 2 sentences, the casino itself is the only thing that would have to go through a community advisory committee (not the entire Phase II master plan) which is not the same as the local community board that approves other developments, it is it’s own entity made up of chosen representatives from all levels of state and local gov. And even before them the gaming commission needs to determine where the gambling licenses will be going.

I’m also confused by this part (and the following part), design is not a part of the approvals process for getting the casino bid, like I said (inadvertently) on the 50 HY thread, the resort is being developed as a separate entity of the rest of Phase II, which Related has said will still have a school, affordable housing, and open space, it may be “apart” of Phase II but it is its own thing unaffected by what will happen to the rest of the second Phase.

Any feedback wouldn’t be for the design or for the low number of affordable housing units (because the 2 are separate), if the casino bid is won by Related and Wynn the resorts location itself will have to go through the land-use process which in that case would involve all of Phase II because it is all zoned as one giant site.

The “two” projects are not connected, Related and Wynn are developing the resort, but Related is still developing the rest of Phase II by itself, not with Wynn, thats why something happening to one wouldnt affect the other. Once (if) Related and Wynn are awarded the bid to have a casino by the community advisory committee that’s it, they have the license, it can’t just be taken away because NIMBYs dont like the design of the resort or they dont like whats going on with the rest of the Phase development or something. Related can show whatever they want whenever they want because feedback would be irrelevant.

As an end result, if they don’t get the bid, then the future of Phase II will still be in question but not because of something NIMBYs did or something relating to affordable housing, it will just be because they didn’t get the bid to begin with. Either way, the platform still needs to be approved for construction to start on it.


You know I was just reading about the process this morning and forget what I said. I think I’ll stop commenting on this forum. Sorry for my goof

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I mean there’s no need to apologize for anything, it was just a misunderstanding, I see it everywhere and misunderstand things myself. I wouldn’t stop commenting just because of one “misunderstood” comment.

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Wrong thread? I think that better suites the general development/news thread.

A majority of Phase II “is” supposed to be apartments/condos and housing, but only a small fraction of those apartments are supposed to be affordable housing so I don’t know how the article comes into the equation, it doesn’t mention Hudson Yards.



I can’t read the article.

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Ah, understandable.

Either way, in that respect (to SSP), the article would be more appropriate in the general thread or (even though it’s not explicitly mentioned in the article either) the 418 11th Ave thread as a factor of it’s rescinded RFP did stem from none of the developers including or wanting to include affordable housing.


any news on when phase 2 might start construction?

„Different visions for the Western Yards have come and gone. The city once sought to build an Olympic stadium over the 10-plus acres of tracks. In September, the Related Companies announced that it hopes to include a casino in the second phase of its megadevelopment.

At the time, Related CEO Jeff Blau called the Western Yards an “ideal site for a resort that will reinvigorate our tourism economy and provide billions in tax revenues for the city and state.” A selling point for city and state officials may be its potential to draw events to — and visitors from — the nearby Javits Center, which just underwent a $1.5 billion expansion.

Related also touted the site’s proximity to Penn Station, the 7 train, Moynihan Train Hall and the West 39th Street ferry stop. It said its proposal would kickstart development of the western yards, which would have a mix of office and residential, a school and outdoor public space.“

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Las Vegas in New York

Hudson Yards developer Related Cos. is proposing a resort with about 1,500 guest rooms as part of its bid for one of New York’s gaming licenses.

Plans also call for about 20 restaurants, a nightclub, theater and casino at the second phase of the project on Manhattan’s far west side. The company also aims to increase affordable housing in the area and add a school, Related Chief Executive Officer Jeff Blau said on Bloomberg Television Wednesday.


Related is teaming up with Wynn Resorts Ltd. to pursue one of three gaming licenses for New York’s downstate area. Competitors include SL Green Realty Corp., which has proposed a casino project in Times Square in partnership with Caesars Entertainment Inc. and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

If Related is selected, construction of the complex would kick off the second phase of the company’s $25 billion Hudson Yards project, on a site between 11th Avenue and the Hudson River. The first phase, east of 11th Avenue, includes office skyscrapers, residential towers and a shopping mall.

A resort-casino on the western yards also would draw more visitors to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, which recently underwent a $1.5 billion expansion, Related said.

“We think it’s the opportune place to put something like this, and I think it will generate the highest economic development returns for the state,” Blau said in an interview with Bloomberg TV’s David Westin. The project “will kick-start over $10 billion of development in New York City at a time when we need it. We need the economic development, we need the jobs.”