NEW YORK | 740-750 8th Ave | 1067 FT | 52 FLOORS

Well without the bulkhead and signage I think it would be around the same height as the hotel portion on this project, so in that aspect it gives us a good idea of the height, but it’s just much wider/takes up more of the lot, otherwise it wasn’t designed by ODA so we can’t gather much else from it.

But when it comes to blank walls, a lot of people seem to think those are done on purpose when they are really (most of the time) just party walls that will eventually be abutted by another building. That or it is where the core is located and cost saving measures are used so they don’t have to use false windows and just put up said blank walls instead, which I find very rare when not a party wall.

It’s not “impossible” to think that the connecting core will also be clad in glass though. But as it pertains to Hudson’s comment, I’d find it extremely unbelievable to think that concrete would be used on all these undulating faces on the top portion, though more unbelievable things have happened, like this design. lol

Where is the Municipal Art Society when it is needed?

I’m not a fan of this design but at 1067ft it’s really not that tall for midtown. In a few years time it won’t be distinguishable on the skyline.

It wouldn’t look so bad if they got rid of that thin neck.

I suspect that the facade will be amazing.


This is exactly what the fire dept. does not like, having to go up stairs for no reason in case there’s a fire above.

My inner child wants some sort of thrill ride attached to this structure :laughing:


The biggest glass slide outside a skyscraper. If LA can do it, NYC can


This is a site where a thrill ride would make perfect sense. Personally I’m not a fan of the glass elevators on One Vanderbilt (I think they detract from the crown), but an attraction like that would be a good fit for a building this strange-looking to begin with. I could easily imagine a glass slide wrapping around the “spiral” at the top. Great location to attract tourists as well.


I believe there is supposed to be some sort of “ride” in the building, there is a queueing area that is separate from the observation lobby on the ground floor that is somewhere on top of the hotel portion in the mid jagged section before the core extension.

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Per NYguy:

New filings show the current number of rooms cut from 1,350 down to 825. That can always change of course…

Latest filing

And the theater air rights approvals from CB5 and the (new) BP


Lol, that’s interesting that the overall building got 53’ shorter, added a single floor and cut 525 hotel rooms, I’d assume both that the height cut was taken from the building mass and not the weird top thing, and that all the rooms were made bigger because that’s the only way that math would add up.

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