NEW YORK | 69 Adams Street | FT | 26 FLOORS


little bit of Chicago style, nice. I wonder if the white material is masonry or prefab or some other material?


This is a Karl Fischer type design (same architect) which often is ‘design-on-a-budget’ architecture/construction; nice work, practical, functional designs. I believe he is a partner in the architectural firm that designed this building here at 69 Adams Street - but that needs fact checking.

That being said: not real marble, or limestone - it will be ‘composite’ prefabricated stone panels. The composite stone panels look fine: often indistinguishable from real limestone or other ‘real’ quarried stone.

Yea, it’s a ‘Karl Fischer joint’ . Here is an example of one of his ‘typical’ buildings.

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This is a good example of Karl Fischer in NYC.
Waymond’s pics from last year in LIC.


Demo looks mostly complete.



i kind of like the as of right version better. Better human scale at street level. And more appropriate to clear the Chicago style inspiration. It doesn’t seem like they get 65% more GFA out of the rezoned designed, but I guess a rendering from a different angle would be enlightening.

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This will be a massively beautiful, and insanely viewable, structure from the Manhattan Bridge. Leaving Brooklyn or entering Brooklyn, density will envelope the bridge entrance. I love these bridge-adjacent developments, especially the one also going up next to the WB Bridge (Domino sugar building #4.) and the Two Bridges developments in LES


I went for a run over this bridge last week, and it was just passing the height of the walkway and roadway. It’s going up quickly.

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The ‘as of right’ structure is FAR better (pun intended) as the street level is getting too squeezed of sunlight, air circulation and general ‘open feel’ at the street level.

The zoning laws are seemly ‘for sale’ here - all under the pretext of “funds for the subway” . The city council creatures did not do the right thing here: again the ‘public’ gets the shaft - special interests get the gold.

These is a good article that gives some insight on how the ‘art of the deal’ is often done in NYC real estate. I don’t think it always turns out bad like this; it is the nature of commercial interests and the power brokers that are the inevitable outcome with big city builder. It is, what it is: this is a good read on how some of it got this way.