NEW YORK | 570 Fifth Avenue | 1101 FT | 78 FLOORS

Does that include the buildings on 47th St?

Which little white building ? Gary does not yet own the one that houses Barrington gallery.

Depending upon how much he allocates to retail, this can be very tall.

5th Ave in the 40s has long been the worst part of the avenue , but I think that it will be completely redeveloped.

This is so exciting! The G-Man is THE man!

I’m really looking forward to what rises here and at 740 8th Avenue. Really hoping both top 1,000 feet.

Fifth Ave in the 40s is currently lame, but within a decade, it will be very upscale. Ceruzzi’s tower and Extell’s are the first among several supertalls that will rise in that area.

530 5th is a prime target with 500,000 sf!

Yup, my figure includes 2-10 West 47th Street. The little white building I’m referring to is 572 Fifth. Do you mind if I use one of your more recent photos for YIMBY, Robert?

Acquiring and razing 572 Fifth would increase the development potential to somewhere between 652,500 and 653,000 square feet.


You can always use my photos, amigo. You don’t need to ask.

Extell clearly will get 572, as it sits in the middle of the assemblage.

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No prob!

This is just fantasy, but wouldn’t it be great if Extell used the initial Smith Gilll design at this site?

I feel like Shop’s design for Central Park Tower would fit well on this site.

Can you post it? I don’t know that design.

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I forgot about that design. It’s really lame compared to what ShOP is currently designing.

Agree with Robert. That design just looks like a taller, torqued 400 5th.

The diamond district is a playground for foreign investors and this developer

The busy Manhattan developer is buying properties and demolishing others on the same block as its International Gem Tower

By Tom Acitelli on March 8, 2016

One of the city’s most prolific developers has been collecting parcels in Manhattan’s diamond district, perhaps signaling a major new development there.

In December 2015, Gary Barnett’s Extell Development, the builder behind the ultraluxury One57 condo tower and One Riverside Park, bought control of 562 and 564 Fifth Ave., between West 46th and 47th streets. In January, Extell filed for demolition permits for six slender buildings next door to Nos. 562 and 564.

The firm owns enough addresses on the east end of the block—including two buildings other than the six slated for demolition and the two recently purchased—that it could build one of the biggest new towers along Fifth Avenue in years. The 10 buildings amount to more than 260,000 existing square feet, with several thousand more in developable air rights.

…The eight buildings clustered contiguously at the corner of West 46th and Fifth run to more than 110,000 square feet combined. The other two buildings are the 78,230-square-foot 2 W. 47th St. and the 71,738-square-foot 10 W. 47th St.

Extell has already built big on the block. It completed its International Gem Tower at 50 W. 47th St. in 2012. It is not yet clear what the purpose of a new Extell project along Fifth Avenue would be—the firm did not respond to requests for comment

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Demo permits filed today for Now.: 562, 564-570:

Demo permits were previously filed for 574:

Extell still needs to buy No. 572.

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Almost time to get this party started!! This site has so much potential. Such a central location. If anything exceeding 1000, 900 or even just 800 feet is built here it will have a huge impact on the midtown skyline


I agree,Robert! I’m hoping for at least 1,000".

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Can’t wait for this. Extell is the greatest thing to happen to this city since Bloomberg was first elected mayor.


Fifth Avenue seems like the next major corridor primed for supertalls, ranging from the 700-800’ towers on 30th Street to the major sites like 666 Fifth. We already have the Pelli Clarke Pelli-designed tower on 50th Street about to get underway, and 520 Fifth as well (fingers crossed). 53W53rd is also basically part of that pack.


I agree, Yimby!

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