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I think that Extell owns another nearby but separate property: 30 W 47th St. It’s a filthy, heinous POS, and I sincerely hope that the G-Man tears it down.

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572 (old barrington gallery) looks nearly vacant, only the top floor looks to be in use.


I really hope that something decent rises here. I saw a photo of Barnett standing in from of a model of a very lame, midblock box, which I presume is the 47th-48th St. assemblage that the NYP reported this week. If you search Extell on Google news, a story from the Jewish News appears.

I remember seeing that. I’m pretty sure that was 555 Tenth.

Is that one coming down for this project, or does it have a different owner? I know 574 was set to come down, but I’m curious about this one.

Given that 572 is a run down shell of its former self I’d be more surprised if Barnett doesn’t buy it, he is a master at assembling development lots. The fact that it looks to be emptying out to me suggests that something will happen sooner or later.

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We knew that Extell bought the former Barrington Gallery building, but here’s the article.


Construction starting in 5 months?

We should know plans and have renderings soon!

hopefully. Im sure we’ll get more details, but Extell doesn’t have a stellar track record with releasing renderings before construction.

I think the article was saying that his hotel through block may start in 5 months? And not this huge project?

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I was on Fifth Avenue this weekend. In addition to having some dilapidated buildings which must be redeveloped, it desperately needs expanded sidewalks and a better streetscape, as do all Midtown streets.

It truly needs landscaped sidewalks with trees and should have only three lanes of traffic.

Also, all of the street vendors selling junk must go.

In its current state, it looks dirty and shlockeyi


I agree, Robert. If you look at a city like London, there’s such great attention to the streetscape and all the details that make a city more pleasant to live in. It’s truly quite stunning. Brick inlays on the sidewalks, center pedestrian sidewalks, trees - puts NYC to shame!

New York is so far behind in this respect. Most of the paint lines in the streets are always faded, the entire city is encased in sidewalk sheds, the roads are always crappy, the trash is just left on the curb for pickup, etc, etc. And as you said, the street layout needs an overhaul.

All of these issues have solutions. Yet City Hall seems content with doing next to nothing. There have been strides in tree planting, and in the Meatpacking they are redoing the streets and sidewalk layouts. But for the most part it looks like NYC is destined to be second rate when it comes to urban planning.

I mean…:

I like your sentiment, Josh, but London, while meticulously maintained, lacks trees. Midtown is starting to look like an old shlep from Brooklyn. Other parts of Manhattan are spectacularly maintained, but Midtown needs a makeover.


no changes recently, the old barrington gallery building still seems to have 1 office tenant left.


I’m still saddened that that little gem on the right is on death row.


Untitled by Alan Parkinson, on Flickr


not much activity, besides the occasional rearrangement of the excavators + bonus pick of the site from the 40s


2 construction workers hanging out under the scaffolding, windows on 572 are open; looks 100% vacant with possible work being done on the interior. no visible changes on the rest of the site.


I hope that the G-Man builds something great here and not a fat 550’ box.


This site is the perfect location for a huge, iconic supertall. We’re counting on you, Gary B.!