NEW YORK | 520 5th Ave | 1,000 FT | 76 FLOORS

I just passed by this two days ago… huuuge hole in the ground, foundation starting/started.


I hope that this nearby site is redeveloped.


Per Xing lin:

A couple of renderings I made of this tower-- I really love this design, especially after seeing it from various angles while modelling it. It looks like this building will have a lot of subtle facade details.

Photo by Patrick Nouhailler (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Anthony Quintano (CC BY 2.0)


ThreeWentDown (Xing Lin on other forums) has really been stepping up his game recently, considering I’ve known them for quite some time.

KPF really never fails to impress, even their more simple designs are unique and beautiful. I’ve been looking about for materials and it seems that the beige/tan colored material will be terracotta, the dark backdrop aluminum, and window treatment/mullions bronze. Though I could be interpreting the information incorrectly. Either way, it would look beautiful with any material.


Had been working on my own model of 520 for sometime before I got backed up with some other work. Though not fully completed, for the purposes of the image, it gives context on how this tower will find itself in Midtown while focusing on the building (center image). While it’s not that tall and actually kind of finds itself in between the Midtown plateau and the towers that break past it, it will definitely add something to the skyline with it’s non-uniform window grid and stair like profile backed with a contrast of the colors of various materials it’s using



While being 1,000 feet. Awesome


I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or honest so I apologize for misunderstanding or misconstruing your comment, I should have elaborated more (but my comment was too long).

From certain angles the tower being 1000 ft doesn’t necessarily do anything for it. What was once a mostly steady plateau has been broken by recent addition to the skyline and proximity to some of those new buildings detracts to the height of newer/UC buildings that are also considered “tall” (a good example of this is 343 Madison Ave, a fairly “tall” proposed height that appears short because of its location next to One Vanderbilt). I remember seeing discussions of people complaining when the building was still 995’ (not necessarily on here) that it was too short and now that it is 1000’ it’s tall all of a sudden by adding 5’.


No I’m just excited. Whereas in any other city in the country, even Chicago, 1,000 feet is still a massive building, in NYC it’s “not that tall”. Exciting times my friend!


Nice! Where did you find that model image?

@NewYorkCity76, It was taken from my own digital model of the city (Midtown Manhattan atleast).

Here is the finished model put into an image I took from The Edge last September. From this particular angle the building will make it’s impact for a short time until 343 Madison Ave comes up to the right of it later on. I also included my massing for 270 Park Ave (though of course no rival to @ThreeWentDown’s depictions).

And also a general render of the building in the evening from the southern corner of the NYPL on Fifth, while I find more images to photoshop. This is really such an elegant building.


Very nice models! Also a fact I learned recently, this building will be taller than 262 Fifth by like 3 inches lol.

Also while the Edge is a very good vantage point for most big developments rn (Penn Station, HY 2, etc) do you think we’ll be able to see the PABT development getting built?


Isn’t 262 Fifth Avenue taller though by 11 ft?

No it was decreased down to 1,000 ft. While this one was increased by 5 feet

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Ah, I see now. I just saw the updated height on SSP :+1:

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@mcart Are you asking if it will be visible from The Edge deck? A large portion of the view in the direction of the PABT development is now blocked by 50 Hudson Yards and the Spiral. The Lincoln Tunnel lot (Sites 3/4) are located is only half visible from the indoor portion of the Observation level. The lots where the bus parking/loading will be will never (if only a little) be visible from anywhere on The Edge, and the Lot where the current Terminal sits where Sites 1 and 2 are situated will only be visible once the construction reaches a certain height. Also thanks!

Another render from street level using Google Street view imagery.


Thank you for the info! Hopefully at least one of the PABT supertalls has an observation deck, or bar etc so we can get good views of developments from that angle


Sure thing @mcart, always happy to provide logistics.

Another view of the building from the ESB 86th floor Observation Deck, sorry for the older picture. This view is probably the most impacted view, but I can not recall any projects that would be blocked by this tower so it actually nicely fills in this void from the ESB looking towards Central Park. You can also see a sliver of 270 Park Avenue to the right.


This is gonna look so good in the skyline when it goes up. Any ETA to when? 2025/6?

Though it seems like excavation is still in progress, once this gets past street level I expect it to go up fairly fast. The site isn’t that big and the concrete structure of course narrows as it rises.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it tops out in 2024/ is completed in 2025.