NEW YORK | 520 5th Ave | 1,000 FT | 76 FLOORS


I am thinking maybe ‘contemporary’ is the right term. This is surely not ‘classical’ or ‘period’ or ‘traditional’ architecture: so perhaps contemporary rather than “modernist”.

I am thinking of RAMSA as an example of “classical” architectural design.

It does seam I am getting into semantics here; that is, making distinctions, were there are no real differences.

My point would best stated by simply saying this is NOT - classical, period, traditional architecture. My contention is the frequent claim that only “classical” architecture is BEAUTIFUL: 520 5th is beautiful, yet NOT classical in the strict sense of the word.

The contention that only classical architecture is ‘beautiful’ is well explained in the video discussion I have posted: I do however disagree with the fellow in this discussion - but he does make some very good observations regarding the merits of classical architecture.

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Wow! Those 2 examples are crazy. Both are really fugly.


You know it’s bad architecture when the architect himself is embarrassed by it.

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Yes but wildly camp.

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With that render as reference, it’ll t/o almost at the edge of the Rock Cam photo :astonished: We’re over a third of the way there! :raised_hands:

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I love this building. I just could never live at that location.

Right? I could suffer through it if it was free but it’s not even on Bryant Park and not even really adjacent to that.



Where’s Waldo? :man_detective:

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Anybody know how tall the building in front of 520 is? Just wondering how much we will see of it from this view.

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That’s 500 Fifth Ave. It’s like the ESB’s little brother—designed by the same architects, in the same style, around the same time.

It’s 697 feet tall. So you’ll see the top 300 feet of this building.


Thanks baronson

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@TKDV made a great rendering a while back showing how 520 Fifth will look from that angle:


That’s great. From the ESB there is plenty of 520 to see, I’m sure not much from the street.


I worked on the 52nd floor of 500 5th for several years before covid. Had a beautiful lobby and the views of ESB were (in my opinion) the best from anywhere.

The elevator bank was unfortunately small though. It wasn’t uncommon to wait several minutes for a ride, which really sucks on those mornings where you’re running late.


@GentriVacation I would have loved to have an opportunity to visit you at the office and check out that view for myself. I worked in the ESB for a few years…luckily they had a couple of elevator banks reserved for tenants so there was never a wait. I loved working in that icon.

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The tower would make for a fantastic residential conversion.


Wish you could’ve visited the space also! While I can’t go back in time, here’s a pic I found on my phone from my office at 500 5th. This was about 2 days before Christmas 2017.

Hopefully, this isn’t too off topic for the thread.

Also, I agree 500 5th would be a good candidate for office to residential conversion. Floor plates and windows are too small for modern workspaces.